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Restoring the Shattered:

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Prenatal Healing Process


The Power of the Free Will in Spiritual Warfare


The Goal Before Us:

God's Ultimate Plan for Mankind


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Restoring the Shattered Training Series (RTS) - 4th Edition

by Diane Hawkins


CD Format (4 Modules - 24 CDs) with 259-Pg. Manual

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MP3-CD Format (4 Modules - 1 MP3-CD) with 259-Pg. Manual

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This training series represents Restoration in Christ Ministries' most recent and inclusive update of materials providing a deep understanding of the dynamics of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and the many issues that must be addressed to bring healing to this clientele. It includes an understanding of the nature of ritual abuse and the complex spiritual bondages that accompany those who have been subjected to this extreme type of trauma serving the agenda of Satan.


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by Tom Hawkins

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Copyright © 2007, 2010


Tom Hawkins presents a more concise, updated teaching on this critical subject pertinent to all Christians and deliverance ministers. Enjoy his very last teaching recorded in October 2010

Cosmic Hierarchy Study Notes
- Copyright © 2007
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The Appeal to the Heavenly Court is not included in this latest version of The Cosmic Hierarchy (however, a revised, expanded booklet is available as a free download titled "Cosmic Hierarchy and Appeal to the Heavenly Court")

For the most part, Christianity for centuries has lost the biblical worldview that our spiritual enemies consist not only of demons but of high-level fallen angels or “principalities” as well. Most Christians have assumed that demons are fallen angels, but increasing evidence is challenging that viewpoint. Over the past five years we have personally awakened to this reality of higher level angelic entities (which we are calling “cosmic beings”) as we ministered to individuals who have been highly traumatized by the kingdom of darkness. This experience has motivated us to make an intense re-examination of the biblical data on this subject. Also available on DVDs
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presesnted by Tom and Diane Hawkins

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Tom and Diane Hawkins present selected lectures from their couples' retreats which address marital and other relational issues of living with DID. >> MORE<<









by Diane W. Hawkins

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These audio CDs are designed to provide validation, encouragement, direction, and hope for other abuse survivors and those desiring to understand and help them.


A Personal Journey - Diane recounts her distressing symptoms and circuitous journey leading to a clear diagnosis of what was then called Multiple Personality Disorder (now DID), including coming to grips with the reality of sexual abuse, Ritual Abuse, and demonization.

Anger, Hate & Forgiveness - Diane describes her struggles to understand and address the rage in her life as a result of her abuse leading to an extensive biblical study of anger, hate, and forgiveness. She concludes by sharing her journey to forgiveness of her principal perpetrator.

Why, God? - Diane shares her struggles with God over why He allowed such abuse in her life and what resources He would provide to help her in the healing process.

Anger Chart - $3.00 (A laminated flowchart described in the Anger, Hate, and Forgiveness lecture to aid in defining and resolving anger.) Add to Cart