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Bringing into focus the spiritual dynamics that stifle the psychological process of healing from dissociative disorders.


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Primary Identity Approach

Online Primary Identity Approach Training


We are launching an online webinar training program on the complete Primary Identity Approach to healing DID for anyone who is interested. We will offer a certificate of completion to everyone who views and passes an exam on the following three webinars:


The complete training program will consist of the following webinars:

  • RTS Training Webinar 1:  Dynamics of DID (presented February 17, 2017, recording now available) Order
  • RTS Training Webinar 3:  Understanding Primary Identities (live presentation May 12, 2017, recording will be available afterwards) Order
  • RTS Training Webinar 4:  Bringing Healing to DID (live June 9, 2017, recording will be available afterwards) Register

Once you register for a particular webinar, you will receive a link for viewing the recording of it at any time after its live presentation.



Note:  We are hoping to expand this webinar teaching program next year to

include the entire Week 1 of our RCM DID Training Program.