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Articles by Tom and Diane Hawkins

What is DID?

by Tom Hawkins



DID Screening Inventory





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Articles from past Restoration Matters newsletters

Minor changes in terminology may have been made in certain articles

for this posting for more consistency with current resources.

Restoration Matters - Summer 2002, Volume 8, Issue 1

Topic: "DID and Demonization"
“Deliverance can be a challenging process when ministering to a ritual abuse survivor.”


Restoration Matters -Fall 2001, Volume 7, Issue 1
Topic: "Denial: the Key to Resolution"
“…we have been all too slow in recognizing that denial is a significant issue that cannot be ignored…”


RestorationMatters - Spring 1999, Volume 6, Issue 1
Topic: "It Takes a Team to Make One Whole"
“We believe that teamwork, accountability and multi-disciplinary cooperation are

essential in the process of bringing healing to survivors of severe abuse.”




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